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Bahia San Agustin is the westernmost bay of the nine bays of Huatulco, and one of the most beautiful. Accessible only by boat or a 12 km dirt road from the highway, the extra effort required to get there has kept it relatively pristine and tranquil. It features one of the best snorkeling reefs of the bays, and there are dozens of palapa-style beachside seafood restaurants along with snorkel rentals.
Bahia Chachacual is in the National Park and only accessible by boat. Both the west and east corners of the bay have beautiful patches of coral reef and are excellent for snorkeling. Sees very few visitors. Just outside the bay you may see some extraordinary ones in winter, however, like humpback whales.
Located in the National Park, Bahia Cacaluta has the longest deserted beach of any of the bays. Accessible only by boat or hiking trail, this spectacular bay has a large island in the middle that has fantastic snorkeling along the inside edge. The entire bay is completely pristine and undeveloped.
Bahia Maguey is a deeply recessed bay on the edge of the National Park, where the road ends. Popular with visitors, there is a small beach that is densely clustered with beachside restaurants. while there is some coral for snorkeling, deeper sites in the bay provide better opportunities with scuba gear. Also a great spot for kayaking.
Bahia Organo is in the same deep recess of the coast as Maguey, but forks off to the east as another bay. The only access is by boat or from a couple of unmarked hiking trails. Beautiful and pristine, with very few visitors. Very well protected from ocean swells, so great for swimming.
Bahia Santa Cruz is one of the commercially developed bays of Huatulco, featuring hotels, restaurants, shops, a marina, and a cruise ship dock. All the tour boats and pangas operate out of the marina, so it is something of a travel hub for getting around the bays. The great beach attraction is a side bay on the outside called La Entrega that is accessible by car. Filled with palapa restaurants and popular with visitors, La Entrega has excellent snorkeling. The shallow reef area is the largest among the bays, and there is a plethora of fish life.
Bahia Chahue has a large nice beach that sees surprisingly little use considering that it is the closest beach to the town of La Crucecita, the main population center of Huatulco. A new large marina for pleasure boats sits in one corner of Chahue, and there are plans to bring the until now neglected bay up to the level of its neighbors with new hotels, condominiums, and restaurants. Many of the projects have stalled, though, for the moment.
Bahia Tangolunda is the epicenter of resort activity in Huatulco. All the largest hotels and all-inclusives are located within this massive bay. There is good kayaking and swimming, and large sheltered beaches. Most of the access is controlled by the resorts, though, and unlike the other bays there is not much public beach access. A somewhat self-contained area, mostly used by the people staying at the resorts here.
Bahia Conejos is the easternmost of the Huatulco bays. Secrets Resort dominates the east end of the bay and a gated community of million dollar homes sits on the headland of the west end, but otherwise the bay is an expanse of empty beach.